Oysters Returning to New York City

Norwalk, CT Oyster Festival This Weekend
Photo/Norwalk Seaport Association

A recent article on NYTimes.com profiles how oysters — once a staple of New York City — are slowly making a return to the city’s waters.

As the author Mark Kurlansky has observed, New York was the Big Oyster before it was the Big Apple. Little Oyster Island and Great Oyster Island were what New Yorkers once called Ellis Island and Liberty Island.

But the city’s once-rich oyster beds were decimated by pollution. Now there are oyster restoration projects, and diver Chris Anderson, who is both census taker and mapmaker, intends to count the oysters at the former Pier 42 as part of a pilot study. He also intends to note the oysters’ locations in a systematic way, so he can pay return visits and keep track of the pier’s oyster population almost one by one.

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