Paddling History Revealed at Maine Historical Society

Zip Kellogg, well-known author and paddler, will host a special screening of a 17-minute silent color film called Rapid River Races, 1940.

The film provides a treasure trove of images, incidents, and windows into canoe and kayak racing equipment and techniques of another era. It documents the 1940 National Whitewater Canoe & Kayak Championships, which were held on the Rapid River in western Maine. The film had been thought lost, but Kellogg had been on the lookout for it for 30 years, holding out little hope that it had survived. And only by utter chance and a twist of fate did it turn up. Kellogg will share this wonderful story of historical serendipity.


  • When: Tuesday, July 26
  • Time: 12:00 p.m
  • Where: Maine Historical Society, Portland, ME

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Maine Historical Society

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