Pelican i1015 Case Protects Smart Phones

Pelican, makers of super-tough, waterproof cases, has introduced a new case for the iPhone, iPod touch and other smart phones that protects against drops, moisture and dust.

The case features a clear lid that lets you watch videos or check the playlist, and features an external headphone jack. Shock-absorbing strips in the lid and an internal molded rubber liner in the base secure and protect electronic devices from impact and scratches.

Other key features include:

  • interior liner that serves as a weather-resistant seal
  • internal cable-management spool
  • internal ear bud pocket
  • high-impact, heat-resistant polymer shell
  • “easy-open” polymer latch
  • stainless-steel hinge


$36.95 (available in clear with a black liner or solid black)


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