Pleasant Bay Community Sailing Acquires Permanent Home


PBCB Has a New Home!
PBCB Has a New Home!

Pleasant Bay Community Boating of Harwich, MA, has announced that it has acquired a permanent home with water frontage on the western shores of Pleasant Bay, a parcel known as the McClennen Estate. PBCB has purchased 5 lots totaling 3.6 acres on Route 28 at the junction of Harwich, Brewster and Orleans. The site includes 4 dwellings, a boathouse, a licensed dock, a small beach, and sufficient land for circulation and parking. The price: $3.1 million.

The project will give PBCB the ability to sustain the program that it has developed over the last decade, and allow possible future expansion of PBCB’s programs, which include varied levels of sailing lessons in multiple fleets of boats, disabled sailing, and more.

The organization has also developed a partnership with UMass-Boston’s School for the Environment, which will operate a Nature Center for research and education in conjunction with the Environmental Studies Program at Cape Cod Community College. The Nature Center will work with local communities on environmental projects, conduct programs for local schools, and serve as a research base for faculty and graduate students.

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