Point 65 Sweden Rum Runner Modular SUP

Rum Runner

The Point 65 Sweden Rum Runner is an innovative, high-performance, modular, touring SUP with a displacement hull. According to the company, SUP’s with displacement hulls are especially well-suited for touring as they are faster, have excellent tracking capability and handle a wide range of paddling conditions. The Rum Runner’s manageable sections are easy to carry and easily fit in the back of a car, under a bed, in a closet or on the balcony of a condo or apartment.

Like Point 65 Sweden’s modular kayaks, the Rum Runner features the innovative, patented Snap-Tap system that makes it easy to connect the different sections. Meanwhile, the rotomolded polyethylene construction provides a combination of strength and impact resistance. The Rum Runner also features a roomy dry storage space with a watertight hatch in the bow.

The deck of the Rum Runner is partially covered with structured EVA foam padding for comfort and grip. The nose section has 2 built-in cup holders and sports a large oval hatch for easy loading. The deck also features D-rings for installation of the optional Point 65 AIR seat, plus a fin for improved tracking that retracts automatically into the hull of the rear section on impact or when beach-landing.


The 11.5’ Rum Runner has a carrying capacity of 265 lbs. It easily separates into 3 manageable sections, each weighing as little as 15 lbs., allowing for easy transport in almost any car. Using the longer midsection, the Rum Runner 11.5 is transformed into a 12.5’ fast and smooth riding SUP with a carrying capacity of 300 lbs.


11.5’: $999