Polynesian Replica Boat to Visit Vineyard in July ‘16

Hokula'a will visit the Vineyard in July of 2016.Kaipo Ki'aha - See more at: http://www.mvgazette.com/news/2015/12/23/mahalo-hokulea-we-await-you?k=vg568a85f328c7a&r=1#sthash.RZGMvdLx.TH1tTjY1.dpuf
Hokula’a will visit the Vineyard in July of 2016.Kaipo Ki’aha
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Martha’s Vineyard Gazette: Hokule’a is a replica of the vessels used by Polynesians to settle the Pacific Ocean, a third of our planet, a thousand years before the arrival of Europeans. Launched in 1975, she has sailed 150,000 miles, following the routes taken by these intrepid Polynesian explorers, navigated always as they would have done—without instruments or charts—by relying instead on signs of direction in the stars, waves and flight of birds.

In July of 2016, Hokule’a will visit Martha’s Vineyard on a voyage around the world. This is the first of a multipart series on the canoe’s history and her present mission to malama honua— care for planet Earth.

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