Portsmouth, NH, Fire Dept. Lobbies for Larger Boat

Seacoast Online: The [Portsmouth] City Council is expected to discuss a request to set a public hearing date on a resolution to bond out as much as $180,000 to buy a new city fire boat.

Fire Chief Steve Achilles believes the fire boat, which will be as big as 26′ long, is needed to handle the strong currents in the Piscataqua River.

“It’s part of our capital program that we provided and introduced last year as part of our transition from a single fire boat to a 2-boat model,” he said.

The department last year purchased a 14′ boat that it plans to use on the city’s smaller waterways and back channels like North Mill Pond, Achilles said. But in order to deal with the Piscataqua River’s legendary currents, the department needs a larger boat that can also hold 4 firefighters, he said.

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