Flir M300 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

The successor to FLIR’s industry-leading M-Series of maritime cameras, the next-gen M300 Series consists of five models featuring imporved pan and tilt housings; four models with the FLIR Boson 640 or 320 resolution thermal camera cores and various fixed field of view (FoV) lenses, plus a visible-only model (M300C) featuring a high-definition, color, low-light camera with 30X zoom.

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The M300 Series cameras facilitate safer navigation through improved image stabilization using an integrated attitude heading reference system (AHRS) sensor, providing a steady view in rough seas. The M300 Series is also designed to integrate with the latest marine navigation displays.

The dual-sensor M364C and M364C LR offer mariners greater awareness via FLIR’s patented Color Thermal Vision (CTV) technology. This proprietary multispectral imaging technology for the FLIR M300 Series and FLIR’s Raymarine Axiom line of navigation displays blends thermal and high-definition visible color video for enhanced identification of buoys, vessels, and other targets at night. Additionally, the M364C and M364C LR models feature FLIR’s patented MSX imaging technology, which extracts edges and borders from the HD visible camera and blends these elements with the thermal image, giving operators improved visual recognition of distant objects.


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