Furuno’s 1st Watch Radar is the first radar system in the world that can be viewed and controlled using wireless iOS devices, such as the Apple iPad and iPhone. Utilizing new technologies for compressing digital radar signals, the DRS4W allows boaters to view radar data conveniently, anywhere on the boat.

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The DRS4W eliminates the necessity for a traditional signal cable running between the radar antenna and the display, making installation simple and cost effective. Once the dome antenna is mounted and the vessel’s power applied, users can wirelessly link to their mobile devices—eliminating the need for a separate hardwired display.

The DRS4W system features a 4kW radome antenna with selectable range scales from 1/8 NM to 24 NM. The mobile app can be downloaded for free from the Apple AppStore, and allows up to 2 devices to be connected simultaneously. Once the app is loaded onto an iOS device and connected to the antenna’s WiFi, the radar can be operated through the device’s simple touch interface.


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