Iris Corporation’s new NightRunner 390 Solo+ thermal-imaging night-vision camera is based on a vanadium oxide, 640 x 480 pixel thermal core. The NightRunner Solo+ lets mariners operating in total darkness detect a vessel at nearly 4.3 miles, and gain full recognition of the vessel at just under ½-mile, according to the manufacturer. In the event of a man-overboard situation, the NightRunner Solo+ can detect a human at ¾-mile and provide recognition of that person at 349 yards. This matches the performance of competitive high-definition thermal camera systems currently on the market.

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The NightRunner Solo+ features a 25 mm lens, 8X digital zoom, wide 24.8o field of view and full pan/tilt/zoom capabilities. The camera also offers 7 levels of Image Contrast Enhancement to increase target detection and identification.

The NightRunner Solo+ also offers a choice of 6 color palettes — Greyscale, Ocean Blue, Inferno, Full Spectrum, Arcus and Memorium — all with reversible hot-to-cold polarity. This provides the ability to select the presentation mode that best suits the operator’s type of boat, operating environment and personal preference.

The Solo+ is housed in a UV-stabilized, IP66-waterproof-rated ABS cowling locked to a sturdy aluminum base. Built for long-term use in marine environments, this housing also meets Military Standard 810E for shock/vibration resistance, as well as sand/dust intrusion.

Operation is simple and intuitive using Iris’ optional touch-pad controller, letting boaters quickly zoom in, pan over a full 360o rotation or tilt the camera over a 210o range with smooth, continuous motion. The NightRunner Solo+ provides its high-def thermal images to dedicated marine monitors or all major brands of chart plotters and multifunction displays via composite video input. Measuring roughly 6.2” high by 6.7” in diameter and with just a single 7 mm diameter cable to be run from the center of its base, the NightRunner Solo+ can be easily installed in a wide variety of locations and surfaces. It can be mounted either ball-up or ball-down, further enhancing its versatility.


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