Combining clean lines with an array of beautiful colors, Costa newest sunglasses style, Anaa, was inspired by the Anaa Atoll in French Polynesia. Anaa’s frame color options include matte coconut fade, matte Caribbean fade, shiny black on brown, shiny olive tortoise on black, shiny black + crystal + light blue, and shiny retro tortoise + cream + mint.

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The frame is made of a rugged, bio-based resin material sourced from the castor plant. The resin results in increased durability and overall weight reduction, and allows the frame to hold its shape in extreme temperatures. The frames also features sturdy integral hinges and hypoallergenic rubberized nose pads to keep them comfortably in place all day.

The Anaa sunglasses can be customized in Costa’s full array of patented color-enhancing polarized 580 lenses. The 580 lens technology selectively filters out harsh yellow and harmful high-energy ultraviolet blue light. Filtering yellow light enhances reds, blues and greens, and produces better contrast and definition while reducing glare and eye fatigue. Absorbing high-energy blue light cuts haze, producing greater visual clarity and sharpness.

The 580 lenses are available in either glass or impact-resistant polycarbonate. Lens-color options include gray, copper, blue mirror, green mirror and silver mirror. Anaa is also available in customized Rx sun lenses.


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