Vesper Marine has introduced the world’s first and only touchscreen Class B AIS transponder with the introduction of the WatchMate Vision2.

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The Vision2features a seamless black-bezel front panel and glossy black sides, designed to complement any helm or nav station. Behind this attractive exterior, Vision2features a responsive, easy-to-use touchscreen, allowing users to scroll through menus, zoom in and out, select vessels for additional details and navigation data, change alarm settings and more with the gentlest of touches. Its bright 5.7-inch color display offers excellent optical clarity over a wide viewing angle, even with polarized glasses.

Driven by smartAIS technology, Vision2combines navigation sensor data, GPS and AIS information with intelligent alert logic and triggers alarms in the event of hazardous situations. While traditional AIS transponders only send and receive AIS signals, Vesper Marine’ssmartAIS units continuously calculate crossing situations and generate collision alarms for critical navigation action; alert the crew of an anchor dragging as well as changes in wind speed, wind direction and water depth while at anchor; and activate alarms in case of a man overboard (MOB) with continuously updated positions for quick retrieval. These capabilities are built right into the transponder itself. In addition to the audible alarm, the Vision2’s built-in NMEA gateway and WiFi capability can communicate alerts, as well as all transponder information, to a user’s Android or iOS smartphone or tablet using the WatchMate App or their smartwatch using the award-winning deckWatch App. Vision2enables up to 8 devices to be connected simultaneously for greater flexibility and has the latest high-speed Wi-Fi technology for faster access.


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