Prospec High-Performance Marine Speakers

High-performance JBL by Harman Stadium speakers from Prospec Electronics deliver volume without distortion, and offer a level of clarity that rivals home audiophile equipment. The speakers are available in a 6.5″ coaxial, 8″ three-way, and a 10″ passive subwoofer.

The 6.5″ Stadium coaxial speaker has 100W RMS, 300W peak power. Like the 8″ and 10″ speakers, it’s available with white or black grilles, and has built-in RGB perimeter and center lighting.

Boasting 200W RMS, 500W peak power, the three-way 8″ Stadium speaker has a removable 3.5″ mid-tweeter. This element can be relocated higher to bring the mid- and high-level sounds closer to ear level for improved accuracy. An insert is included to replace the tweeter if moved.

Like the bass element of the three-way 8″ speaker, the Stadium 10″ passive subwoofer is mounted low in the boat. This lets the 300W RMS, 900W peak power permeate the vessel for massive sound reproduction.


  • 5″ white (Stadium MW6520AM) and black (Stadium MB6520AM) JBL by Harman Stadium coaxial speakers: $299.95/pair
  • 8″ white (Stadium MW8030AM) and black (Stadium MB8030AM) three-way speakers: $399.95/pair
  • 10″ white (Stadium MW1000AM) and black (Stadium MB1000AM) passive subwoofer: $349.95