Q&A with Greenwich, CT, Shellfish Commission Chair

Photo illustration, New England Boating.
Photo illustration, New England Boating.

Greewich Citizen: Shellfishing season is underway and local fans of clams, oysters and mussels are putting on their waders, taking out their rakes and heading for the waters off Greenwich.

Greenwich Citizen got in touch with the Chairman of the Greenwich Shellfish Commission, Roger Bowgen, and asked him about the state of shellfishing in Greenwich, the Greenwich Shellfish Commision, and its role in monitoring and preserving the local shellfish population.

Q: What is the Greenwich Shellfish Commission and what are your responsibilities as chairman of that group?

A: The Town of Greenwich Shellfish Commission is a Town Commission formed in 1986 to reopen the Town’s shellfish beds, which had been closed to recreational shellfishing since 1960. The Commission was able to reopen the beds to the public in the Fall of 1991.

Find out what the Greenwich Shellfish Commission Chair had to say about shellfishing in Greenwich, Connecticut.