Raymarine DockSense Alert System

Raymarine’s DockSense Alert can be installed on any boat to help the helmsman safely monitor his surroundings and dock with confidence.

Similar to the driver-assist technology in today’s modern automobiles, DockSense Alert detects, displays, and alerts the captain to obstacles around the boat using FLIR machine vision camera technology and video analytics. Live video feeds from each DockSense camera make it simple to see into blind spots using a Raymarine Axiom display, and DockSense object recognition helps prevent scrapes, crashes, and close calls.

The DockSense Alert systems consist of an array of one to five DockSense stereo vision cameras and a central processor connected to a Raymarine Axiom display or network. DockSense Alert accurately measures distances to the dock, pilings, and other moored vessels, and provides real-time visual indicators along with a live camera view on Raymarine Axiom multifunction displays. The system also provides audible and visual alarms to alert the captain in real-time to the effects of wind, current, and propeller thrust.

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