Report: Spring Squidding off Hyannis, MA

You’re about to get inked! Sam Brown of the Goose Hummock Shop displays a longfin squid taken off Hyannis. Photo Tyler Adams

Enjoyed a fun but somewhat chilly day of squid fishing in Nantucket Sound yesterday with Capt. Eric “Schooney” Morea, Sam Brown of the Goose Hummock Shop, and videographer Tyler Adams. By Tom Richardson; Photography by Tyler Adams

We launched Schooney’s NorthCoast 26 center console at the Hyannis inner harbor town landing, which was a circus given all the night squid fishermen who were hauling their ink-stained boats and those putting in for the daytime bite.

Once on the water, we headed to a nearby shoal where the rest of the squid fleet was parked. About a dozen boats were already anchored, with many of their anglers hauling squid over the gunwales. The “honey hole” seemed to run along the very edge of the shoal, which, on the chart, rose from about 18 feet of water to 11 feet. However, with so many boats already anchored up, we had to set up slightly ahead the shoal itself.

Schooney Charters’ NorthCoast looks pretty clean for a day of squidding!

By the way, the water temperature was 53 degrees, which is prime for squid. A few more degrees and the bluefish will move in and spoil the party.

Shortly after sending down my squid-jig setup, I hooked something that felt rather un-squidlike. It turned out to be a small mackerel, which also feed on the same bait as the squid (silversides and sand eels). Minutes later, Sam hauled in the first squid of the day and we were on the board.

They grow ’em big off Hyannis!

We picked away at the squid for the next several hours, although it was clear that two of the larger charter boats were anchored over the hot spot. Some of the squid we caught were truly huge, measuring a good 14 inches or more. It doesn’t take many squid of that size to make a calamari dinner, which is what I planned to do that evening.

Overall, it was a fun day on the water, and many thanks to Schooney Charters!

Stay tuned for a short video of the trip, but if you want to cash in on the spring squid bite, get out there now!

The sounder shows marks of squid and bait.