Researchers Study if Seaweed, Mussels Clean LI Sound

Ribbed Mussels and Seaweed, Photos/Long Island Study.

According to the website of the Long Island Sound Study, researchers are assessing whether cultivating seaweed and mussels in Long Island Sound to extract nutrients will improve water quality.

In one project, University of Connecticut marine scientists Charles Yarish and Jang Kim are leading a team in cultivating the seaweed Gracilaria in the Sound and the mouth of the Bronx River. The seaweed removes nitrogen from the water, and then will be harvested.

Another being conducted by NOAA aquaculture scientists from the Milford Laboratory in Connecticut, a commercial shell fisherman, and students from Rocking the Boat involves growing ribbed mussels at the mouth of the Bronx River in order to remove nutrients.

To read more:

Long Island Sound Study: Nutrient Bioextraction

Illustration/Long Island Study


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