Researchers Work To Restore Winter Flounder

Winter Flounder, Photo by ## Tom Richardson##

The University of New Hampshire is trying to start a winter flounder restocking program on Martha’s Vineyard. And, if successful, it could have big implications for other New England fishing communities.

SAT map of ponds.

Winter flounder populations in southern New England have been steadily declining for roughly a decade. During that time, UNH researchers have been developing methods to restore and enhance those populations. Now, according to a report in the Foster’s Daily Democrat, a community on Martha’s Vineyard is implementing those methods. There, volunteers brave the cold waters of Lagoon Pond and Menemsha Pond to test food availability for flounder, water quality, and learn about the species currently living there. If the sites show promise, researchers could stock them with as many as 50,000 hatchery-raised winter flounder.

Researchers say the work on Martha’s Vineyard is a testing ground. But, if successful, it could serve as a model to be used elsewhere in New England.

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