Aquatic AV DM-5 Lockers Protect Digital Media Devices


Aquatic AV DM-5 series waterproof digital media lockers are designed to protect even the new, larger smartphones from the elements. Three models are available. The premium model DM-5UBT with Bluetooth for iPod and iPhone includes a wireless remote and USB connector.

Key features for all DM-5 models:

  • 288W (max) amplifier (2 Ohm stable)
  • compatible with smartphones up to size of Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • door controls
  • waterproof (IP65 rated)
  • UV & salt/fog protection
  • 3.5mm jack input to cater for all media devices with headphone socket
  • high-quality 4V RCA pre-outs for connection of external amplifier

Price: $360

For more information go to the AQUATICAV website.