Review: WipeOut Eraser Removes Scuffs, Dirt & More

We first heard about the WipeOut Eraser from our friend Lou Gainor of NauticalTalk Radio, who saw the product at the 2010 Newport International Boat Show.

Before and After

The WipeOut Eraser is a reusable cleaning product that uses “NaNoFibers” and fresh water to remove scuff marks, stains, and dirt from plastic, vinyl, ceramic, metal and fiberglass surfaces. The product does not rely on chemicals, and can be stored indefinitely.

We’ve used the Erasers to clean hulls, cushions, fenders, shore-power cables, hoses and more, and they really work! The main drawback is that the pads are very easy to tear, so they don’t last very long, especially if using them on rough surfaced. Other than that, we found them to be very effective.

  • Double pack (2 pads): $6.50
  • Handle pads: $11


WipeOut Eraser

Podcast Interview with Capt. Lou Gainor, WATD

Capt Lou – Ralph Perez

WipeOut Eraser Video

NaNoFiber WipeOut Eraser from Ralph Perez on Vimeo.


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