RI Anglers to Target Cod in Proposed Wind Farm Area

 Members or the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association are participating in a biological data survey on winter cod spawning activity on Cox Ledge this winter. The purpose of this study is to find locations where cod spawn, and ideally avoid them when sitting turbines.

Hearty RISAA members will be fishing once per week on a party boat between January through March, in a project to assist Inspire Environmental in the area known as South Fork Wind Farm.

(The chart shows the larger leased area with an irregular green outline and the South Fork area to be studied is shown by the two black rectangles.)

This work is being conducted with funding from Deepwater Wind, the developer selected for the project.

 RISAA members participating in the study are paid a stipend of $100 per day to fish. On top of that, the anglers are allowed to keep the fillets from all legal fish caught after biologists take measurements and whatever small samples they need for their research.


This article was written by Capt. Richard Hittinger and provided courtesy of the Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association.