RI Bill to Increase Poaching Fines Update

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The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association (RISAA) is asking the Rhode Island angling public and anyone who cares about the striped bass resource to encourage the state’s House Judiciary Committee to approve a vote for House Bill 5693, which would increase the fines levied against those who illegally possess striped bass.

“Right now poachers who illegally take striped bass have very little to fear if they get caught, because the current penalty of $50 is not a deterrent,” said RISAA president Steve Medeiros.

The bill has been set for a hearing on Wednesday (June 22) afternoon.

This bill has passed the Senate Judiciary and is due for a full Senate vote before the session ends. The bill must also pass the House Judiciary Committee in order to go up for a full House vote.

To contact the Judiciary Committee members:

House Committee on Judiciary Contact Information

The full text of the bill can be read:

House Bill H5693 (PDF)

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