RI Launches Plastics Pollution Reduction Program for Marinas

The Zero Plastics Marina Initiative is a voluntary effort initiated by the Rhode Island Dept. of Environmental Management, whereby marinas can educate, prevent pollution, encourage recycling and clean the coastline by keeping plastics out of the ocean. A menu of 10 pollution prevention action items have been developed to help marinas commit to and implement this program. They include:

  • Designate a “Zero Plastics” Steward
  • Develop and Implement a Plan to Reduce Single-use Plastic Water Bottles
  • Provide Water Refilling Stations in Public Areas
  • Eliminate Single-use Plastic Bags
  • Provide Ample Opportunity for Recycling
  • Post Responsible Signage
  • Provide Responsible Dinnerware
  • Participate in a Shrink Wrap Recycling Program
  • Organize or Sponsor a Shoreline Clean-up Event
  • Install a Trash Skimmer

Governor Raimondo signed the Tackling Plastics Executive Order, which commits Rhode Island to developing stronger plastics-reduction policies, just this week. And this past May, Rhode Island became the first state in the country to sign the United Nations-led Clean Seas Pledge, which Governor Raimondo announced during the Volvo Ocean Race stopover.