RI Political Leaders Unite Against LNG Terminal

LNG Tanker, Rivers (2006) courtesy Wikimedia Commons

An article on Projo.com reported that state leaders, political candidates and municipal officials from around Rhode Island turned out last Wednesday, Sept. 8, in a show of opposition to a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Mount Hope Bay.

SAT map of Mount Hope Bay.

About 100 people attended the inaugural meeting of the Congress of Councils, an event organized to fight against Weaver’s Cove Energy’s plan to build a floating LNG facility in the bay shared by Rhode Island and Massachusetts. U.S. Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Jack Reed were there, as was Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch, and gubernatorial contenders Frank T. Caprio, Lincoln D. Chafee and Ken Block.

“When the opposition is top-to-bottom, when it’s bipartisan, when it’s pretty much unanimous, it’s a pretty strong signal,” Whitehouse told the crowd gathered in the Jamestown Recreation Center, a building that has views of the proposed route that LNG tankers would take up Narragansett Bay to the terminal.

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