RI Tall Ship Camps Open for Registration

Furling, photo Oliver Hazard Perry Summer Camp.
Furling, photos/Oliver Hazard Perry Summer Camp.

This spring (2015), the first ocean-going, full-rigged ship to be built in America in over a century will set sail, and teens from around the country and the world can board in July and August for thrilling one- and two-week Education at Sea camps.

The 200’ Sailing School Vessel (SSV) Oliver Hazard Perry, hailing from Newport, RI, has a 500-ton steel hull and a 130’ tall rig with square sails on all 3 masts. She will have a captain, officers, a cook, an engineer and a dozen other professional crewmembers, but the balance of her crew will be the students themselves.


RI Tall Ship Camps Open for Registration
Setting Sail

Registration for sailing camps aboard the Perry is now open to the public. The camps will take place this summer, allowing teens to become part of the exciting and highly structured environment of a sailing ship. (For the remainder of the year, SSV Oliver Hazard Perry will serve as the platform for programs with schools, universities, scientists, and other partners.)

“They’ll learn to haul lines, hoist yards, climb the rigging, tie knots, keep lookout, and even steer at the helm, along with other seamanship skills,” says Captain Richard Bailey, who has been commanding Tall Ships and working with youth aboard them for decades, “but most important, they’ll learn to be good shipmates, and good citizens of their greater world.”

Camp Details:

Tentative schedule and itinerary (subject to change)

  • July 5 – July 18
Middle School 2-week Program
    Newport, RI – Portland, ME
    Ages: 12-15 years (Middle School
  • July 26 – August 1
    High School 1-week Program (almost 50% full)
    Boston, MA – Newport, RI
    Ages: 15-18 years (High School)
  • August 2 – 15
    High School 2-week Program
    Newport, RI – Boston, MA
    Ages: 15-18 years (High School)
  • August 16 – 22
    Middle School 1-week Program
    Boston, MA – Newport, RI
    Ages: 12-15 years (Middle School)

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students board at 4:00 pm (1600) on the first day of program and disembark at 9:00 am (0900) on the last day.

For more information go to the Oliver Hazard Perry website here.