Rigging a Weedless Slug-Go

In the crowded world of soft-plastic lures, the Lunker City Slug-Go remains a top contender. This versatile fish fooler will take almost any species of Northeast game fish, including tuna, stripers, sea bass, false albacore, and scup.

The Slug-Go comes in a variety of sizes, allowing it to match virtually any type of baitfish, from large herring to small sand eels. As for color, I prefer pearl, bubble gum, olive/white (Arkansas Shiner) and blue/white for daytime fishing, while black is my top choice at night.

The Slug-Go is effective when rigged on leadhead jigs to get them deep or increase casting distance. Hopping them over the bottom in a rip is a good way to score with fluke and stripers, or you can cast a weighted Slug around rock piles, pilings and other structure. However, my favorite way to fish them is “Texas-style” on a plain worm hook, as shown in the video. This weedless, weight-free, topwater method is great for tempting stripers and albies, and can be the only way to score in weedy conditions. Retrieve the bait with sharp, jerky twitches of the rod tip to make the Slug dart and flip on the surface.