Riptide Report: 10.8.12

Photos courtesy Riptide Charters

A quick report from another 2 days on the tuna grounds. Very different from day to day. On day 1 we had 3 swings on the spread: A huge thresher on a ‘hoo we could not get tight to and 2 tuna on bars, 1 of which we landed. A sloppy day of trolling and a poor number of bites considering the crazy number of fish we saw on top.

On day 2 we found very sloppy weather running out after a late start to let the seas settle down. Perfect trolling conditions onsite. The boat and spread were magic on day 2 and we could not go 1/4 mile without getting bit. Hung a nice bluedog on the troll, which was a first for me. Got 12 smashes on the rigs and landed 11 fish. Broke off a “real” one after 30 minutes due to the line chafing against the hull. Still a banner day.

My sports saw whales breeching, dolphins, herring schools on top running for their lives, threshers, tons of blue sharks—just a Nat Geo kind of place! Great sports and great trips.

For more information on Riptide Charters CLICK HERE.

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