Sailing Aboard the Schooner Mary Day

The Schooner Mary Day. Photo/Everett Potter's Travel Report/Fred LeBlanc.

Travel writer Everett Potter interviews Capt. Barry King of the Camden-based schooner Mary Day in his travel blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s a scene that evokes a 19th century painting: a tall-masted ship is sailing past fir-covered islands off the rocky Maine coastline. The only sounds are of the wind filling the canvas sails, the creaking of the ship’s timbers, and the squawk of gulls darting overhead. Hour after hour, day after day, punctuated with hearty meals, colorful fishing ports, and some good conversation.

This is the essence of a sailing trip on Maine’s picturesque Penobscot Bay on a windjammer. These venerable ships depart from Rockland, Rockport or Camden, and sail Downeast in the direction of Mount Desert Island. Since these are wind-driven vessels, there’s no specific schedule and a wishful. Tides and wind dictate your day.

I sailed on the largest ship in the Maine Windjammer Association fleet, Victory Chimes, more than a decade ago, and loved it. So I thought it was high time for an update with Captain Barry King of the Schooner Mary Day, a 90’ vessel that sails from Camden.

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