Scituate Harbormaster Rescued After Dock Accident

According to a report in the Scituate Mariner, Stephan Hill, the general manager of the Mill Wharf Restaurant at Scituate Harbor, is credited with saving the life of Scituate Harbormaster Stephen Mone, who fell into the water while trying to secure the harbormaster’s boat during a storm on January 4.

Mone had responded to a call that the harbormaster’s boat had broken several of its dock lines and was banging against the dock near Mill Wharf. When he went onboard to set new dock lines, a wave struck the boat, sending Mone into the water. He was not wearing a lifejacket, according the article.

Hill had witnessed Mone’s accident from the restaurant, and immediately made his way to the docks to assist the harbormaster. Eventually, Hill was able to drag Mone onto the dock, after which they were able to get inside the restaurant and await emergency responders.

Mone was taken to the hospital for evaluation, but was soon released.


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