Sealegs Amphibious Boat

The Sealegs 6.1m has to be one of the coolest RIBs ever invented, and will open up new horizons for the folks who can afford its $89,000 price tag.

The vehicle will be especially appreciated by those in New England who need to deal with extreme tidal fluctuations. No more dragging your dinghy long distances to reach the water or having to haul it above the high-tide mark. In some cases, the Sealegs will even eliminate the need for a dock.

When powered by a 115-hp outboard, the Sealegs 6.1m has a top speed of 40 mph. It can be used for waterskiing, fishing and diving. On land, top speed is 6 mph.

The Sealegs has seating for 4 adults, a center console helm, twin 6-chamber Hypalon hull tubes and an integral 21-gallon fuel tank.

Now Sealegs is available with all-wheel drive (AWD). With an additional hydraulic motor added to the front wheel, all 3 wheels will provide traction to scale steep riverbanks and beachheads (the new option cannot be retrofitted to older models).

The Sealegs wheels are powered by an internal 25-horsepower Honda 4-stroke engine. The hydraulic motors on standard Sealegs have a run time of 30 minutes before overheating, but with XRT the operating time is unlimited.

Sealegs components are built to military standards to ensure long operating life in salt water. A 21-foot model is also available.


  • LOA: 21’
  • Beam: 8’ 1”
  • Draft: 16”
  • Weight (w/ 90-hp outboard) : 1,960 lbs.
  • Fuel: 21 gals.
  • Base price: $89,000




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