Shimano Ultegra CI4+ Surf Reels

Shimano’s new Ultegra CI4+ reels are built to handle big fish in demanding surf-fishing conditions. Both models offer CI4+ bodies, X-Protect and Shimano’s Hagane gearing. The CI4+ material is light and rigid, while X-Protect involves a 3-lipped rubber seal system that offers exceptional water resistance. Shimano’s cold-forged aluminum Hagane gears offer both strength and smoothness, providing power for subduing big fish in the surf.

Both the Ultegra CI4+ 5500 XTC and 14000 XTC feature large-diameter, long-stroke spools to retrieve up to 41” of line per crank. The larger 14000 also includes the Super Slow 5 oscillation system, creating perfect line lay during the retrieve.

With a 5.3:1 gear ratio, the Ultegra CI4+ 5500 has the spool capacity to handle up to 270 yards of 40-pound-test braid or 315 yards of 12-pound mono. The 4.3:1 gear ratio 14000 size can pack on 460 yards of 50-pound braid, or 440 yards of 16-pound mono.



Ultregra CI4+ 5500 XTD: $320

Ultegra CI4+ 14000 XTC: $340


For more information check out the Shimano website.



Product Code Inches Per Crank Gear Ratio Mono/Fluoro Line Cap. (lb test/yds) PowerPro Line Cap. (lb test/yds) Max Drag (lb) Ball Bearings Weight (oz) UPC Code MSRP
ULTCI45500XTC 41 4.3:1 12/600, 16/440, 20/330 44 5+1 19 $319.99  
ULTCI414000XTC 41 5.3:1 10/425, 12/315, 16/230 33 5+1 15.5 $339.99