Sierra e-Guard

Sierra eGuard is a new fuel additive and treatment designed for use with ethanol-blend gasoline. It can be used with ethanol blends up to 85 percent, and claims to slow the process of phase separation by dispersing water throughout the fuel in particles small enough to pass through the engine.

eGuard also serves as a fuel stabilizer, and works to break up carbon and gum deposits in the fuel system and combustion chamber. Lastly, Sierra claims that eGuard boosts the combustibility of gasoline, thereby boosting engine power, performance and fuel economy.

eGuard comes in a handy 32-oz. bottle with a built-in measuring reservoir that lets you easily measure out the desired amount of additive. One ounce of eGuard will treat 10 gallons of fuel.


  • 32-ounce bottle: $25
  • 8-ounce bottle: $9

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