Simrad RS40 VHF

Simrad’s upgraded RS40 VHF features a sleek design with wireless handset capability, removable fist microphone, Class D DSC functionality and built-in GPS.
The Simrad RS40 has four ways to ensure GPS reliability in the event of an emergency. A GPS antenna in the face of the radio is perfect for open-air installations, and the SMA connector can be coupled with a GPS-500 antenna. NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 connections allow the user to get GPS data from a chart plotter or from another antenna that’s already in the system.

The RS40 also features a built-in dual-channel AIS receiver to assist in collision avoidance. The information is clearly viewable on the unit’s screen or can be overlaid on a chart or radar through a compatible multifunction display. Users can also share cruisinhg and fishing trip info with up to five friends using Track Buddy, which requests the location of another VHF radio using a digital selective calling (DSC) position request.

The RS40 can be used with up to two wireless handsets, so the radio can be taken anywhere onboard. The removable fist microphone can be connected to the front or rear of the radio, and an optional extension cable that allows the radio and mic to be mounted separately.

A number of other features have been added including Navigation mode, which displays speed and course, and Man Overboard (MOB) function, which drops a waypoint in the current location and provides distance and steering instructions to retrieve a person in the water. The waypoint is also transmitted over NMEA 2000 to the rest of the network. The RS40 offers an increased level of safety in all conditions with DSC for easy calls to friends and in emergency situations even if the rest of the onboard electronics are powered down.

The RS40 is simple to install, with a low-profile, front-mount design that matches perfectly with Simrad GO, NSS and NSO navigational displays for a sleek and cohesive dash. Easy channel scan and a “favorites” option enhance the user-friendly functionality of the large, clear white dot-matrix LCD screen.

Price: $619.

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