Siren Sprite Vessel Monitoring & Control System


New England Boating recently met up with Dan Harper, founder and president of Siren Marine, for a demonstration of his company’s Siren Sprite vessel monitoring, alert and control system.

Siren Sprite in a demo box

Ideal for boats of all sizes, the Siren Sprite (as well as the smaller Siren Pixie) lets boat owner or captain monitor his vessel’s bilge-pump usage, battery charge, temperature, GPS position and more via a cell phone. The system also lets the user activate various onboard systems, such as lighting and air conditioning, from a phone.

The Siren Sprite is easy to install.

The system is based on a compact “black box” that can be installed almost anywhere on a boat, and which sends a text message to the boat owner or 1 of 4 other designated phones if the vessel’s batteries run low, if the boat is moved, if the bilge pump(s) is activated, or if the entry alarm is triggered. It also has a “kill function” that lets the user shut down the engine from a cell phone (teenagers beware!). It’s a very cool product, and very easy for most people to install. Learn more by watching the accompanying video.

Cost of the Siren Sprite is $599 (does not include monthly text messaging fee).

Details are available: CLICK HERE

You also can’t beat Ben Ellison’s thorough test and review of the Sprite for Cruising World, CLICK HERE


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