Skin Divers Exhibition Opens in New London

Photos courtesy New London Maritime Society.
Photos courtesy New London Maritime Society.

The New London Maritime Society and the Custom House Maritime Museum are hosting a SECONN Skin Divers Club’s exhibition. Titled “New London and Our Maritime Heritage: An Underwater View”, the exhibition features artifacts salvaged by club members in the waters off New London.

The exhibition represents southeastern Connecticut’s collective maritime history and connects visitors to maritime casualties, the shipping trade, and the past life of a working seaport. Individual pieces are linked to the different shipwreck sites where they were found on a large chart of Long Island Sound. You can also view a collection of vintage dive equipment at the museum.

From fossilized Megalodon shark teeth millions of year old (this extinct monster was similar to today’s Great White) to artifacts of local industry and daily life over the past 2 centuries, the influence of two World Wars, and the tragedies associated with marine casualties, this show offers landlubber’s a view of the SECONN Skin Divers’ mysterious realm.

The exhibit can be viewed at the Custom House Maritime Museum on 150 Bank Street in downtown New London.

Watch this video of the new skin divers exhibition:

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To learn more about visiting the area by boat go to: Focus on New London, Connecticut.

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