Stalking the Wild Blue Crab

Blue Crab, Photo by ## Tom Richardson## Climbing slowly above the horizon, still hidden from view, the sun seemed to be following the new flood tide. The banks of the river, normally even with the waterline, were this time above the windshield of our small center console vessel. It was like we were in a mini-gorge. On July 15, the moon had been as bright and full as can be and its influence on the water level was obvious.

Creeping slowly along the very edge of the wetland grass, carefully eyeing every possible hiding place, our eyes were scanning for Callinectes sapidus, “savory beautiful swimmer,” or more commonly known as the Atlantic blue crab. Shortly before, crabs had been very spotty. No doubt the cold winter and abundance of fresh water adversely affected their life cycle in some key tidal rivers, but in others, the reverse held true.

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