Stand-Up Paddleboarding on Block Island

Photo Illustration/New England Boating

Writer Emily Cahill of the Block Island Times writes of her first stand-up paddleboarding experience with Ocean Adventures.

Here’s an excerpt:

Before I even took my shoes off, I asked, “So do you laugh when people fall off?” Jeffrey Smith, owner of Ocean Adventures, promised me he didn’t, and said that out of the 300 or so people he’s taken out this summer, only 5 had fallen off their paddleboards. Eyeing the floating board I was about to step onto, I wasn’t sure I completely believed him, but I was up for the challenge.

Behind the Block Island Maritime Institute in New Harbor, next to Pond and Beyond kayaks, Smith is set up beneath a canopy with a rack of thick paddleboards stacked behind him. A lifelong surfer, this is Smith’s second year in the paddleboard business. He first saw paddleboards — big, wide boards steered with one paddle that offer a “faster learning curve” than surfing — while at the University of Hawaii. An ancient Polynesian mode of transport, paddleboarding resurged with the 1950s surfing craze.

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