Striper Slaughter Update: NC to Change Commercial Rules

Sounding Trade Only reports that fisheries managers in North Carolina plan to change commercial striped bass regulations after several trawlers were captured on video discarding thousands of dead bass last weekend (January 15-16) off Bodie Island, on the Outer Banks. It was reported by other news sources that the commercial fishermen, who currently operate under regulations limiting their daily harvest of stripers to 50 fish, were discarding smaller fish so that they could maximize the number of large fish brought to market. Many, if not most, of the discarded fish were found dead.

SAT map of location.

The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries will replace the current 50-fish-a-day commercial trip limit, which has been in place for 15 years, with a 2,000-pound-a-day limit. Two-thousand pounds equates to 80 25-pound stripers, or 67 30-pound fish. However, the new rule would still require trawl fishermen to discard any fish that put them over the allotted poundage if they made a particularly large set.

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