Tidal Power Test Site Installed in Cape Cod Canal

Cape Cod Times: The Bourne Tidal Test Site has been fully installed in the Cape Cod Canal near the railroad bridge.

Workers from AGM Marine finished the work on the Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative test site, which is the first of its kind in the U.S., on Tuesday [Nov. 21], said Maggie Merrill, spokeswoman for the collaborative.

The structure allows turbine developers to test out their hydrokinetic turbines in the canal for months at a time.


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System Description: The Bourne Tidal Test Site will consist of a test structure on to which turbines will be mounted, an energy storage system and a load, the lights in the parking lot adjacent to the test area. The test structure will consist of two pilings joined by a bridge with test turbine mounted onto the bridge. The structure will be sited approximately 10 meters south of the west end of the railroad bridge in the Cape Cod Canal. It is anticipated that turbines of up to 3 meters in diameter will be tested with maximum output of 100 kW. The energy storage system allows testing to be conducted under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Verdant Rule, testing that does not connect directly to the electrical grid. The power storage system envisioned consists of either 14 or 28 lithium ion battery modules with a controller provided by Becket Energy Systems. 28 modules can store 25.2 kWh. The storage system will be located in the building housing the backup generator for the railroad bridge. The load will be provided by the lights in the parking lot adjacent to the power storage building and will require 1.5 kW, or 12 kWh for 8 hours of darkness. The system must also provide field current to the turbine and power for various environment sensors, communications and monitors/alarms.