Tide Gate Petition Rejected in Scituate, MA

The Scituate Mariner reports on a petition by residents of Musquashicut Pond in Scituate, Massachusetts, that called for the installation of tidal gates to control water flow to and from the pond. The residents also sought to establish a committee that would have had input on when the gates could be opened and closed. The petition was rejected at the Scituate Town Meeting.

Pond residents claim that the lack of a tidal gate has decreased their property values and quality of life around the pond.

Selectman Rick Murray said that the natural flushing of the pond was not only the best way environmentally to manage the pond, but also the most feasible. “By allowing the pond to be flushed naturally with the ocean, the midges are greatly diminished, the salt water grasses have returned…and yes, mud is exposed; that’s called the tide,” said Murray. “We have discussed our plan with multiple environmental agencies and they have supported our decision.”

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