Tips for Better Tasting Fish


If you enjoy eating the fish you catch, here are some simple tips to keep in mind this season. With many species (especially tuna and bluefish), it’s best to bleed the fish right after it has been landed. You can do this by slicing the main artery behind the gills and either hanging the fish over the side of the boat or placing it in a bucket while it bleeds out. This will result in clean, white fillets.

After the fish has been bled, immediately place it on ice or, better still, immerse it in an ice-salt slurry to evenly cool the body and prevent decomposition. Avoid stacking heavy fish on top of one another, which can bruise the meat.

Bleed the fish immediately after it has been landed.

When you’re ready to fillet the fish, make sure you have a sharp, clean knife and a clean cutting surface. Also, avoid rinsing the fillets in tap water, which can taint the flavor, especially if the water contains chlorine. Instead, use seawater to rinse your fillets.

Once the fillets are bagged, place them on ice or in a refrigerator until you are ready to cook them. Frozen fish should be vacuum-sealed to remove all air from the bag to prevent freezer burn.

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