Top 25 Boating News Stories

From ethanol concerns to multicolored lobsters to Hurricane Sandy, it was a busy and often bizarre year for boating and water-related news in the Northeast. Here’s a look at 25 posts that piqued your interest in 2012.

1: Fire Destroys Cape Cod Boatyard Building

2: New Boat Flies Through Water

3: Boat Lost off Nantucket Found off Spain

Photos courtesy Maritime Rescue Coordination Center Madrid, Spain.

4: Drunk Boaters Spark Barnstable Rescue

5: Illegal Docks Pile Up in Rhode Island

6: Sailboat Causes Runway Shutdown at Logan Airport

7: Record Set in Newport-Bermuda Race

Photo/Billy Black

8: Year of the Weird Lobsters

Photo courtesy Bobby Stoddard.

9: Study Shows Sea Level Rising Faster on East Coast

The marshes of Plum Island Estuary. Photo/USGS

10: Boston Harbor Tall Ships Festival Video

11: Woman Tries to Steal Fishing Boat on Nantucket

12: EPA Gives Green Light to Higher Ethanol Use

Photo/New England Boating

13: 3 Dead, 24 Rescued After July 4 Capsize

14: Man Dies After Jumping off Maine Buoy

15: Girl’s Leg Severed by Propeller

16: Man Bitten by Shark on Cape Cod

Great White, photo, Wikimediia Commons.

17: Drunk Boater had 16 Kids on 22-Foot Boat

18: Couple Drowns While Trying to Save Dog

19: Adrift Boaters Rescued on Elizabeth Islands

20: Northeast Sea Surface Temps Highest Recorded

21: Laser Pointer Halts Coast Guard Flight

22: Man Loses Hand in Waterskiing Accident

23: Tall Ship Bounty Sinks in Hurricane Sandy

Photo courtesy

24: Over 65,000 Boats Damaged in Hurricane

25: Feds Could Lease Ocean Waters off Nantucket, MV

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