Torqeedo Deep Blue 100i 2400 & 900 Electric Propulsion Systems

Torqeedo has increased power on two of its Deep Blue electric propulsion systems thanks to a corresponding improvement in the system’s lithium-ion battery pack with technology by BMW i. More powerful 100 kW motors and higher-capacity batteries open up possibilities for larger and faster vessels to take advantage of electric propulsion.

The whisper-quiet Deep Blue 100i 2400 is specifically designed and constructed to power fast planing boats. Boats powered by the new system are quicker to plane than those equipped with an equivalent combustion engine due to the amount of torque delivered at low rpm. The 2400’s reliable, low-maintenance, direct-drive design delivers up to 2400 rpm and a torque of 390 Nm.


The heavy-duty Deep Blue 100i 900 is suitable for yachts up to 120 feet, displacement hulls and commercial vessels. This robust, direct-drive motor delivers the low rotational speeds (900 rpm) necessary to efficiently power displacement hulls. The system delivers 100 kW of continuous, emission-free power, low maintenance and is powered by high-capacity Deep Blue batteries.

The new 40 kWh Deep Blue battery (i3) relies on the latest automotive-grade lithium-ion technology, offering a more than 30-percent increase in energy storage capacity over its predecessor with no increase in footprint. It can be charged up to 75-percent capacity in as little as 1.5 hours when properly equipped and with adequate shore power. The new battery also features industry-leading energy density and a comprehensive safety system.


Torqeedo has tailored the characteristics of the Deep Blue battery to make it suitable for the marine environment and offers a 9-year limited battery-capacity warranty.

The Deep Blue propulsion and battery systems can also be configured as hybrid solutions for applications where extended cruising is required. Deep Blue Hybrid provides complete onboard energy management with each component’s energy use being monitored and managed by the central system, harvesting energy when available and storing it for later use in propulsion or for powering onboard equipment. An efficient diesel generator is integrated into the system and used for backup when the battery supply plus the available renewable energy sources are not sufficient to meet demand.


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