The crew of New England Fishing TV enjoyed an incredible trip to the Adirondacks this recently, where the fall foliage was reaching its peak. Home base for the shoot was the Ampersand Bay Resort and Boat Club on beautiful Saranac Lake, where Ampersand’s Jason Cole guided host Tom Richardson to some great fishing.

2018 TRACKER Mod V Bass Boats
TRACKER® aluminum fishing boats are #1, leading the industry in solid build quality and innovative fishing features.

Whether you’re on the prowl for panfish or competing in a bass tournament, a TRACKER® Mod V boat provides the features and spacious casting decks you need to get the job done right. The Mod V hull design features a one-piece hull with a modified V shape up front that transitions to a flatter V at the rear. This design plus a lower profile in the water provide a near-perfect mix of handling and stability.

2018 TRACKER Deep V Multi-Species Boats
For larger bodies of water where waves and wind roughen the surface, you need a TRACKER® Deep V. Built especially to take on the characteristics of bigger waters, these boats are well-known for being rugged and smooth riding.

To take on the chop and larger swells, TRACKER Deep V fishing boats feature steep sides and deep, heavy-duty, all-aluminum transoms (up to 25″ [63.50 cm] on many models). They also feature extra-wide bottoms for maximum fishing stability.

The extra-wide bottom and tall sides also translate into a deep, roomy interior where anglers and boaters of all ages can feel more comfortable fishing in, rather than on, the boat.

2018 TRACKER All-Purpose Jon Boat
Tracker Marine New England Dealers Map

Tracker Marine New England Dealers Map

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