Known as the “City of Ships”, Bath abounds with nautical lore and legend. Over the last two centuries, everything from mammoth six-masted schooners to high-tech Navy destroyers have been launched from this port on the Kennebec River.

Co-hosts Parker Kelley and Tom Richardson explore Bath and the surrounding waters, starting with an extensive tour of the river from its mouth to the Bath waterfront. Along the way, local tour guide Ed Rice of River Run Tours points out various points of interest, such as Fort Popham, Squirrel Point Light and the Thomas Plante House, as well as bald eagles, seals and osprey.

Later, Parker and Tom visit the Maine Maritime Museum to view their collection of maritime artifacts and learn how massive wooden sailing vessels were built in the 1800s.

Speaking of wooden vessels, Tom checks on the construction of the Virginia, a replica of what is thought to be the first boat built in Maine.

Other segments include fishing for striped bass on the Kennebec with Capt. Johan Brouwer, dock-and-dining at the Kennebec River Tavern, a look at downtown Bath’s shops and restaurants and ice cream at Dot’s.

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