Vessels Adrift Raise CG Concern

This past week, the Coast Guard came across a couple of unmanned watercraft adrift in Boston Harbor, prompting them to remind boaters to secure and identify their vessels. In one case, an unmanned green 20′ sailboat (shown above) was found in the vicinity of Jeffries Yacht Club in East Boston. A second case involved a surfboard or paddleboard (below) that was discovered in the vicinity of the Hull Lifesaving Museum.

When the Coast Guard receives word of an unmanned vessel or watercraft, it must assume that it was occupied, prompting what is often an expensive and time-consuming search operation. Such searches also tie up assets that might otherwise be needed in a real search-and-rescue operation.

ID stickers for kayaks, canoes, sailboats, paddleboards and other small watercraft are available at many marine supply stores, boat shows, or through local CG Auxiliary stations.

Note too that small boats left on shore can be set adrift during unusually high tides, storms, or rising spring water levels in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.