Video: 2013 Hull, MA, Snow Row

Snow Row 2013, photo courtesy Hull Lifesaving Museum.
Snow Row 2013, photo courtesy Hull Lifesaving Museum.

This year’s edition of the Snow Row, held in Hull, Massachusetts, on March 2, was a huge success, thanks in large part to awesome weather (conditions are always a gamble at this mid-March event). New England Boating videographer Tarah Llewellyn—herself a Hull resident—was on hand to capture the fun and excitement of the race, and produced the accompanying video.


The Snow Row comprises a 3-mile triangular course that runs from Windmill Point, around Sheep Island, past the Peddocks Island daymarker and back to shore. Winners in the various categories were as follows:

Results: Category, Winner, Time

  • Workboat
    Single, Frank Tarbi 0:47:34
    Double, Daley & Linsdell 0:38:21
  • Livery
    Single, Lory Newmyer 0:41:17
    Double, Sean Berclaw & Bob Berry 0:36:38
    (Master)Single, Mike Cushing 0:41:55
    HOV, Coyne, Donagh & Gorcy 0:38:29
    Sail, Douglas McLellan 0:58:24
  • Canoe Double, Pete Olson & Ed Halpin 0:38:02
  • Kayak
    Single, John Karoff 0:36:39
    Double, Williams & Francis 0:35:29
  • Surfski Single, Greg Lesher 0:30:52
  • Ocean Shell
    Single, Ray Panek 0:28:39
    Double, Kathy Martell & Blake Doyle 0:37:33
  • Development Double, S. Brooks & R. Gilbane 0:32:00
  • Sliding Sweep Cox 4 Youth, CMI Bottom Feeders 0:29:41
  • Coxed 4
    , BGA Krackens 0:46:48
    Adult Amateur, Village Comm. Boathouse 0:40:44
    Adult Y/A Pro, Ledyard Rowing 0:39:34
  • Whaleboat, Better Buzzards 0:39:09
  • Pilot Gig
    Youth Amateur, Courageous Crustaceans 0:39:15
    Youth Pro, Sound School 0:34:31
    Adult Amateur, Fishcakes-LCMM 0:37:45
    Adult Pro, Belfast, Maine 0:30:59

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