Video: 2014 Rochester, MA, Memorial Day Boat Race


The 80th Annual Rochester Memorial Day Boat Race on the Mattapoisett River in Southeastern Massachusetts was held Monday, May 26, under overcast skies and occasional rain showers.

Emma Carter is ready to capture the action with her GoPro.
Emma Carter is ready to capture the action with her GoPro. Photos/New England Boating, Tom Richardson.

Sixty-five teams competed in the 2014 race, which was won by Dan Lawrence and William Watling, who finished the almost 12-mile course in a time of 1 hour, 50 minutes and 23 seconds. (See below for other race results.)

You can get a “paddler’s eye” view of the event by watching the accompanying video, shot by Emma Carter of Rochester.

Other Race Results:


  • SAT map of race course.
    SAT map of race course.

    2nd Place Open: Jake Goyette, Ian MacGregor: 1.53:04

  • 3rd Place Open: Jay Lawrence, Andy Weigel: 1.56.52


  • 1st Place Parent/Child: Sam & Tim Hathaway: 2.05:53
  • 2nd Place Parent/Child: Eli & Peter MacGregor: 2.6:19
  • 3rd Place Parent/Child: Rebecca & Paul Milde: 2.7:07


  • 1st Place Women: Kasandra Gonet, Amanda Eldridge: 2.20:59
  • 2nd Place Women: Chelsea Allen, Megan Smith: 2.25.34
  • 3rd Place Women: Caitlin Stopka, Emma Knox: 2.32.28


  • 1st Place Co-Ed: Andrea & Sean Shaw: 2.2:35
  • 2nd Place Co-Ed: Meg MacGregor, David Shaw: 2.12.03
  • 3rd Place Co-Ed: Jean & Mike Isabelle: 2.13.24

Get the complete results here.

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