Video: AnchorSuit Protects Feet and Decks


New England Boating recently received a sample of the AnchorSuit (a New England Boating sponsor), a neoprene cover for fluke-style anchors. The AnchorSuit is made in Providence, Rhode Island and we were impressed by its quality. As we demonstrate in the accompanying video, the product is easy to use and does a great job of protecting your hull, deck and feet from the sharp edges of fluke anchors. Also, it features heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant hardware, including a big plastic zipper that resists jamming caused by sand.

The AnchorSuit comes in navy and royal blue, and can be personalized with the name of the vessel or boat owner. Currently available in small, medium and large, the AnchorSuit comes in Original and Vest styles, with newer variations on the drawing board. The cover can also be personalized with the name of your boat or family.


  • Small (fits size 3-7 fluke anchors): $69.95
  • Medium (fits size 8-9 and Fortress FX-7 flue anchors): $79.95
  • Large (fits size 10-13 and Fortress FX-11 fluke anchors): $89.95
  • Vest (fits size 10-13 fluke anchor; designed for anchors stowed on rollers): $64.95

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