Video: Tying a Basic Bottom-Fishing Rig

I do a lot of fishing in Buzzards Bay, which is home to scup, black seabass, tautog, fluke and other bottom-dwelling species. If you’re looking for some easy, fast, fun action to keep your kids happy and maybe put some food on the table, give this simple bottom rig a try.

Note: While the rig will catch fish all summer, it really excels from late May through late June.

Step 1:
First tie three feet of 30- to 40-pound-test fluorocarbon or monofilament leader to one eye of a three-way swivel using an improved clinch knot.

Step 2:
Now tie a one- to two-ounce bucktail jig to the end of the leader. Bring jigs in several sizes to account for varying wind and drift conditions. You’ll need heavier jigs to tend bottom on faster drifts, but always go as light as possible.

Step 3:
Next, tie a one- to two-foot section of 30-pound test monofilament or fluorocarbon to a second eye of the three-way swivel. This is known as the “dropper line.”

Step 4:
Tie a 3/0 Octopus hook to the end of the dropper line.

Step 5:
You can also tie a small bucktail jig, fly, or soft-plastic grub tail to the end of the dropper line.

Step 6:
Add a small piece of squid to each hook and you’re ready to fish!

Fish the rig over rocky bottom in 20’ to 40’ of water by simply hopping it up and down using small jerks of the rod while drifting slowly along. It shouldn’t take long to get a bite!